Case Study: TruRating

Case Study: TruRating application

TruRating is a service to collect accurate customer feedback from the consumers when they pay. By asking each customer a single question, TruRating enables to gather representative consumer ratings affordably and simply. Question is selected from a bank of pre-defined questions that are rotated for each customer. Customers can anonymously rate an aspect of their experience from 0-9 (where 0 is the worst, and 9 is the best), with a single keystroke. All of the ratings are automatically gathered and collated daily in an easy-to-use analytics suite, so that one can use this insight to make business decisions quickly with confidence. In the TruRating web portal merchants can analyze the survey results.
TruRating provides a service which includes a web portal in addition to the application running in the device. Solution requires linking the merchant account at the web portal together with the payment terminals the merchant is using.
Following technique can be used to link the merchant account at the web portal and the payment terminal together.

  • After installing the app it is kept inactive, it does not show the app UI within the payment flow until merchant has configured the app. Developer has included related functionality in the app
  • During the first payment flow Application sends identification info to its backend, terminal serial number or merchant id.  
  • Backend service sends back an unique configuration identifier to the application
  • Merchant configures the app by manually launching the app at the payment apps desktop
  • App shows the merchant the configuration instructions, including the unique configuration identifier
  • Merchant enters required info at the web portal, or at the app
  • The app verifies the configuration, app activates itself
  • App is launched normally within the next payment flow
Note, above process description is a Verifone recommended method, not exact description on how the TruRating application is implemented. 

Application UI was implemented by following the Verifone UI design guide lines. One should notice how TruRating was able to create unique style for their app, and at the same time following the UI guide lines making it easy for consumers to use the app. Color theme of the survey question screen follows the Verifone color theme. Note also the blue branding bar on top of the screen that ties the UI view on the payment application UI views.

Thank you page is implemented by following the UI guide lines for an Alert page. Alert icon in the middle is the "happy face". Alert header and one line of text was added below the alert icon.
One should notice also that this page does not require user interaction. Due to this a very short timeout of two seconds was implemented for the UI view.

In addition to showing the survey question and thank you -message during the payment flow, TruRating application is launched at the end of the transaction. Application is utilizing the time between customers to send the survey results to Trurating cloud service. By using described method TruRating app is minimizing the time app is adding on the overall payment transaction flow.

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