Download Verifone SDK

Commerce Applications SDK Installation

The Verifone Commerce Application SDK is a plugin for the Android Studio IDE. The plugin integrates into an existing Android Studio installation (downloaded and installed separately).

The latest version of the Verifone Commerce Applications SDK plugin is, released October 20 2021

System Requirements
Upgrading an Existing Installation

System Requirements

Software Pre-Requisites
Desktop Client Versions Windows 7, Windows 10 Enterprise
Android Studio versions Android Studio 3.4.x and 3.5

Note: Android Studio uses the plugin as a ZIP file, therefore please Do Not Unzip the downloaded plugin zip file.

Upgrading an existing installation

A Verifone Commerce SDK Plugin can be upgraded over an existing installation. If you have an existing Verifone Commerce SDK Plugin installed on your system, we assume you are familiar with installing plugins in Android Studio.

To upgrade an existing installation please follow the steps below
  • Download the plugin to your PC
  • Open the the Android Studio Settings screen
  • Click the Plugins option
  • Click the Install plugin from disk button
  • Select the file you downloaded above
  • Follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation