App Submission

Application Submission Process

Main steps to publish applications in the Marketplace:

  • Request the Company Admin rights to the Developer Central. You need to fulfill your company/employer details. Wait until the rights have been granted to you.
  • Create a 'Certificate Signing Request', a CSR file in the Commerce Applications SDK. See menu item Verifone/Publisher Profile/New Publisher Profile
  • Request a CP Publisher Certificate in the Developer Central by uploading the CSR file. You will start the process from the Company View. Download the created certificate.
  • Create a publisher profile in the Commerce Applications SDK by importing the CP Publisher Certificate created in the Developer Central
  • Export the production package in the Commerce Applications SDK. Menu item Verifone/ Export to. Application package is signed with the CP Publisher certificate.
  • Complete the application submission form in the Developer Central. New submission is started by selecting Applications and Create Commerce App
  • Upload the signed application package to the Developer Central by including it into the app submission form, fulfill all mandatory items in the form.
  • Submit the app submission form for the reviews
  • Application reviews are carried out by Verifone Developer Support
  • After passing the application reviews application is published in the Marketplace 

In order to submit applications you must be registered at the Developer Central and have publishing rights. Click on the Submit button will direct you to log-in to your developer account.