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Developer Registration    

In order to publish applications, developer must have so called Developer Admin rights into the Developer Central.
The very first step is to sign up at the Developer Central. After signing up developer now has the  basic user rights. However, Company Admin rights are required to publish applications.

One can request for Developer Admin rights at the Developer Central after one has filled the user profile form. Developers must align profile information with his company/employer information such as address, phone number and company logo.

Completed profiles will be reviewed by the Verifone Developer Support team who will then grant Company Admin rights.



SDK Version:

Automation of Publisher cert generation:
We have automated the process where developer needs to login to Developer Central account and generate Publisher cert for company. Now the developer can log in using the SDK and it automatically handles other part of this process.
Steps to generate publisher profile:
  • Go to Verifone Menu >> Select 'New Publisher Profile'.

  • Login window will be display.

  • Enter the developer account credentials.
  • Enter the profile details after successfully login.
  • Click on 'Finish' button.SDK automatically generate and import publisher profile in the devtools. 

Please follow this instruction till Verifone SDK plugin;

In order to submit an application to the Developer Central to be published, application must be signed with the Publisher Certificate.  
To request a Publisher Certificate, one must create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file within the Commerce Application SDK.

A CSR file is created by selecting Verifone -> Publisher Profile -> New Publisher Profile from the menu.

In the subsequent window that pops up, input a name for the Profile, location where the Certificate Signing Request will be saved on your hard drive and a password to use the CSR file and corresponding certificate. Complete the creation of the CSR file and locate the created file on your hard disk. File name is profilename.csr where the profilename is the name you gave to at the form.

Note: The information you add here must be consistent with the information you added on the Developer Central. You can ensure this by keeping your Developer Central profile open while you complete your publisher profile form for reference. 


From Release

Publisher Certificate: Support for multiple Keystores
Forgetting KeyStore password prevents future signing of applications:

SDK provides feature to create multiple keystores. This feature allows developer to create a new keystore, and get a new Key, if they forgot the previous keystore's password.
Also in case the developer works for multiple projects/companies, capability to support multiple keystores allows developer to sign applications for multiple companies.
Creation of a new Publisher Profile with a new keystore started from the Verifone menu. Verifone/Publisher Profile/New Publisher Profile.

KeyStore path is display blank initially when KeyStore is not present in user’s machine.

To create new KeyStore, please follow the steps below:
  • Go to Publisher Profile >> New Publisher Profile.
  • Please specify the Profile Name and Profile Location. Tip: define the profile path and keystore path to be the same for easy access to related files.

  • Please specify the KeyStore Path (This is the location where actual KeyStore file gets created) 
  • Enter the Password and Confirm Password.

  • Click on the Finish button.

  • To use this keystore, developer needs to create a Publisher Certificate in the Developer Central and import it into the SDK
  • During exporting a production application package, developer is able to select between multiple keystores by selecting the browse button.
  • User should enter the keystore specific password that was generated at the time of creating new keystore.

  Upload the CSR file to the Developer Central once it’s created. You must have Company Admin rights to the Developer Central to upload the CSR file. Follow these steps:

1. Log into the Developer Central and click on ‘My Company’, see the image. 


2. Click on ‘View Certificates'

3. Click on 'Request New'

4. Enter into the form the CSR file name you created in the Commerce Applications SDK. You can browse and select the file by clicking on 'CSR file *'. Select 'Request'.

Developer Central will then create a new Publisher Certificate which you must download onto your hard drive.
Note: All certificates created by you are available in the Developer Central. You can always access them in the Certificates section and download the ones you need onto your hard drive.

After downloading the Publisher Certificate next step is to import the Certificate into the Commerce Applications SDK.
  1. In the Commerce Applications SDK, select Verifone -> Publisher Profile -> Import Publisher Certificate
  2. Browse to the location where your certificate is saved on your hard disk.
  3. Enter your publisher profile password and select the relevant profile
  4. Click on ‘Finish’ to complete importing the certificate

Now you have a tool to sign and create a production package for uploading the application to Dev Central to be reviewed and published in the Marketplace. After importing the certificate to SDK, next step is to export production package and upload the same to Dev Central.
  • In the Commerce Applications SDK, select Verifone --> Export To --> Production Package --> JSON package.
  • Provide the path on disk where the signed application package need to be stored.
  • Enter the password on the publisher profile screen and when the password is entered, the associated profile should appear beneath.

  • Click on finish and the SDK will export a production signed zip package of the terminal application on the selected location.