Company Affiliation

Company Affiliation

Once you have the application ready and tested, the next step is to submit the application to be reviewed by the Developer Support team. To begin with the developer would need to register a developer account on the Developer Central portal. Once the sign up is complete, the developer would need to affiliate his developer account with a company to publish the application. To affiliate the developer account with a company, the developer needs to log into his account and click on Connect With Company button on the dashboard of account. 

The portal will navigate to profile screen of the developer. A company affiliation section is available at the bottom of the profile screen. Click on Add Company Information button to add company information.

The developer is navigated to Add Company page, where the developer needs to add the information of the company to which the developer account is to be affiliated. Fill the form completely and send the company information for a review. Verifone Developer Support will verify company information before approving companies to have application publishing rights. 

Tax Forms

As part of company registration, the developer needs to provide documents which validate the company information. The developer needs to provide following mandatory documents, as listed below.
  • USA Based companies - W-9 US IRS Form
  • Companies outside the USAW-8 BEN-E US IRS Form.
Important Notes: 
  • For companies located outside of the USA, the required form can be downloaded from the US Internal Revenue Service web site. Information about this form and how to fill it is available on the same site.
  • The address on these form should be inline with the address provided by the developer when registering the company on Developer Central account.

The company can provide their Dun & Bradstreet number i.e D-U-N-S number while registering the company however, this is optional. The developer can add the D-U-N-S number on the form as shown below:

To add the tax form developer needs to navigate to Tax Information section and upload the form under the Tax Form in pdf file format.
Please note that for tax withholding purposes the Tax Form will be needed after the application is published in the Merchant Marketplace.     

The developer needs to make sure that the address mentioned on the Developer Central portal is matching the address provided in the tax form.
Once the developer has publishing rights for the company the developer can upload his/her application via the Developer Central account for review. The detailed upload procedure for submitting the application for review is available here.
Verifone team reviews the applications which are submitted by the developers before the applications are published in the Merchant Marketplace. When developing applications, the developers need to follow provided guidelines and practices. The details of the Verifone guidelines are available here. After the application review procedure is completed and the application is approved, applications is ready to be published at the Merchant Marketplace. 

Bank Account

Bank account details are needed for Verifone to pay the developer the revenue application generates in the Marketplace.
Verifone cannot publish applications in the Marketplace unless developer has provided their bank account details.