Publishing Paid Applications

Publishing Paid Application

The VeriFone Developer Central portal now enables developers to set the price of their applications while submitting the applications on the Developer Central Portal. The developers who have affiliated their bank accounts to their developer accounts can publish the paid applications via the Developer Central Portal. Bank account details are needed to pay the developer the revenue from the application sale, at monthly basis.

The developer can set up their bank accounts and affiliate the same to their developer account from the company section in the developer account. Under My Company information page, the developer can find the setup bank account option on the page. Click on the Add bank account button to add the bank account information and click on submit button to affiliate the account with the developer account.

Once the bank account is setup the developer is ready to publish the paid application via his developer account. Developer needs to navigate to the Apps section and needs to fill the form as per the form wizard. The step Price & Distribution is where the developer can set the price of his application. Currently VeriFone offers three different pricing models: free, one time purchase and monthly subscription.  For free applications the developers needs to pay Verifone a monthly placement fee for offering the application free of charge in the marketplace.

If the developer is submitting a free application, developer is allowed to distribute the application currently to Brazil, United States, United Kingdom and Israel. Paid applications are currently supported only for the USA and UK markets, more countries to follow shortly.

Developer can select the countries where he wants to distribute the application. The developer can also distribute the application for selected Estate Owners like banks or acquirers.

The developer can distribute the paid applications currently to United States and United Kingdom markets. Developer needs to select the market to which he wants to distribute his paid application.

Developer can set the price of application by clicking on the Edit Price button after selecting the market where she wants to distribute the application. Depending upon the market, the currency denomination changes in the form. For US, developer can set the price of application in dollars. Whereas for UK, the developer can set the price in GBP.

The developer can also distribute the application for selected Estate Owners. To View the merchants, the developer needs to click on Show option button of the selected market.