public class Reconciliation

Represents a single reconciliation, providing the ID and other relevant information.



public Integer getAcquirerId()

Returns the acquirer ID associated with this reconciliation in a multi-acquirer environment and if known, otherwise this is null.


public String getId()

The ID for this reconciliation, to be used with APIs like ReportManager.getPreviousReconciliation(String).


public String getTimestamp()

Returns a the date and time for this reconciliation ID, allowing for a logical ordering of the IDs. Follows ISO 8601 date/time extended standard format yyyy '-' mm '-' dd 'T' hh ':' mm ':' ss ('.' sss)? zzzzzz, e.g., 2008-04-12T22:20:50.275+01:00.


public Boolean isSettled()

Returns a Boolean indicating if this reconciliation is completely settled, false if it’s still pending, or null if unknown. Some hosts do not provide this information.