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Opening up the payment industry to third party apps has been a challenge because of strict security requirements, closed operating systems and lack of motivation to draw developers. Not anymore. Verifone now enables developers to write apps that sit right at the point of transaction making in-store experience rival any online experience. Here are a few third party apps that already run on our devices.



    Use Homebase for free employee scheduling, free timesheets, free time clock, and free labor cost reporting. Perfect for businesses of all sizes.



    vLoyalty by vPromos is a turnkey loyalty engagement solution, powering a simple, streamlined, and automated customer engagement platform.



    With TruRating you can finally get feedback you can trust and act on. Bringing you more customers and increased revenue.


We have spent several engineering hours to make writing for Verifone as easy as you like. Apps can work alongside the point-of-sale app installed on the device without requiring any custom integration. We have worked hard to eliminate expensive and time-consuming app certification processes that allows for apps to run on our devices.


Our global footprint is second to none. We accept payments in over 150 countries. Millions of customers interact with our devices each day across numerous merchants. Here’s a unique possibility for you to influence that experience and add value to the merchant and/or the end-user. Here’s how you could do it in 3 simple steps.



    Download our SDK now and start building apps that matter at the point of sale



    Market the apps together with us for merchants/financial institutions to discover, purchase and install across their devices



    Submit your apps through our app verification process and get them approved and ready to be published on our App marketplace for a commercial release.