Convert Android APK to Verifone APK

How to convert existing Android APK into Android Commerce Application APK ?

This new feature provides the developers an easy way to convert the APK as per Verifone requirements without having to convert the whole project into Android Commerce project.
The option is available on the welcome screen of the Studio as well as in the Verifone menu.

On selecting this option, it will prompt for input the APK file. Select the APK file that you wish to convert. Then it will ask for the App Name and the App ID.
*Please use the production App ID generated on the Developer Central.
Currently, the App Version is not editable. The version in the AndroidManifest.xml of the APK is picked up as is. 
*App version of the APK should match with app version on portal.

*To set the desired version, one has to change the field 'versionName' in build_gradle file of the app directory of Android project before creating the standard Android APK.
For example:

SDK will not complete the conversion until developer aligns the version numbers.
Allowed app version formats:
App version number should follow format X.X.x.x
  • Capital X is mandatory.
  • Lowercase x is optional.
  • Each number in version should be between 0-255
For examples:
  • 1.0
  • 1.255.255

After providing the App name and the ID, next screen will ask for the Publisher Profile password. This will generate the signed APK using the Publisher’s certificate.

After selecting the publisher profile, click Finish. The Verifone APK will be generated in the output folder selected by the user.
This APK will have the ‘cp-conf’ folder with the manifest file and the confSchema file in it.