What libraries have been removed? E.g. is the phone library still there?

Google Mobile Services (GMS) and related APIs are not supported. The phone library is not included with Carbon as the HW does not include a phone.

Do I have to use this SDK for developing Android apps?

No, not if you don’t need any of the functionality they expose, such as communicating with the POI or the Carbon printers. See Android Manifest Configuration for information to configure the Android Manifest properly to run on Carbon.

What OS version and API level should I use for Android or Android Commerce Application development?

See Setup.

I want to use standard Android Studio IDE, how do I configure simulator for the Carbon device?

Select the appropriate device size and API 22 for Carbon 8/10 or 26 for Carbon Mobile 5. Then install the appropriate system APKs such as the Payment Service using ADB.

How do I avoid the Activity from being recreated when docking & undocking Carbon from its base?

See Optional Elements.

Can I send multiple merchandises at once to the payment app?

See Adding/Display Items Quickly.

Why is there no Browser on Carbon tablet side?

A general browser exposes certain security vulnerabilities that are not exposed by the WebView and other components, so it is removed. The Android WebView is available within an application to display HTML content.

Are there any restrictions on using the C/C++ capability in Android?

No. It is fine to use the Android NDK and C++ for Android apps on Carbon.

Are frameworks allowed, e.g. PhoneGap?

Yes as long as the app to be published is packaged as an .APK.

Which Android Settings are not available Carbon?

Carbon comes with standard Android Settings app, however, due to security reasons the below settings are not available in the Settings App.

  • Wireless
    • Airplane

  • Device
    • Home

    • User

    • Intel Smart Video

  • Personal/ Security
    • Screen Security

    • Screen Lock

    • Owner Info

    • Passwords

    • Device Administrator

    • Unknown Sources ( system default value is OFF )

  • System
    • Developer options (see Android specs)

What are the hardware specs?

Please see the following links for the specific device information.

Does Carbon support external printers?

Carbon allows existing integrations to continue working, so if an Android app has already integrated with external printers, then it can keep using that integration. The SDK enables using the Carbon printers.

Does Carbon support raw printing with ESC/POS commands​?

The Carbon printers can only be used through the SDK, and those commands are not supported. The Android app can also support direct integrations with other printers besides the Carbon printers.

Does Carbon support manual payment card entry at the POS app?

For Carbon 8 and 10, sensitive data is never collected on the tablet, the manual entry always occurs on the terminal. For Carbon Mobile devices, the screen input changes to allow manual entry by the secure applications, but the POS cannot collect this data. The POS app must not include functionality to enter sensitive data in the UI, and might be removed from Carbon devices if found to be collecting this information.

Is tokenization a.k.a card on file supported?

Yes. Please review the payment APIs for more information.

Is EMV pre-authorization supported, e.g. for bar tabs?

Yes, see Perform a Pre-authorisation and Completion.

Can we connect Carbon 10 device to EAP Wi-Fi network?

Carbon 10 devices do not support the EAP network. When an EAP network is connected to the carbon base then the tablet shows a pop up message as “The Enterprise network cannot be used, as printer does not support it”.

Can we detect the status of the Cash Drawer, either open or closed?

The status of the cash drawer is closed if cashDrawer.getStatus() returns as closed and it is open or desconnected if value is unknown. See Cash Drawer for more information.