Sample apps

Example Applications 

Please check the Commerce Applications SDK. Under the Verifone menu item you will find couple example Android and Terminal Commerce applications.

All applications downloadable below can be imported to the Commerce Apps SDK by using the Import Verifone Commerce Project -function on the Commerce Applications SDK start page. Do not unzip the packages.

Example implementation on accessing trigger payload and sending response.

Common Functions
Example showing how to implement multi-usage JavaScript functions and how to call them from html pages

Example on using the text catalog files, for example to support multiple languages on the application UI

Persistent Storage
Example on guiding how to use the persistent storage (flash memory) to store and read data variables

Printing Buffer
Example on printing to a buffer and send this buffer to the payment application to be printed  

Print Test
Example on how to print coupons and on how to append content into the customer receipt

Virtual Keyboard
Example for Carbon family devices that shows how to use the runtime provided VKB.
App demonstrates use of VKB as well as shows how to read input from the user in textbox.
Note: Dimensions of the textbox need to be in percentage(%). On simulator, textbox appears a bit larger but on device it renders as epected.
Diamentions if in pixel(px) shrinks textbox when the keyboard pop up on the screen.

Barcode Print
Example for Carbon family devices that shows how print the barcode on receipt.
App demonstrates barcode printing implementaion using PRINT_APPEND api. In this app, we have used ‘printer.getHTML()’ method.
Note: Barcode printing related sameple code is present in timeout.js file.

Example app show casing how to create connection to cloud services. Good practice is to monitor the error situations, and to show to the user possible networking issue with the http error code as that will help troubleshooting the issue.