Application Types

Application Types

Terminal Apps | Android Apps | Payment Apps

The platform supports HTML and Android Java applications. We call these Terminal Commerce Applications and Android Commerce Applications respectively.

If you are looking for information about payment application development, please the information at the bottom of this page.


Terminal Commerce Applications

Terminal Commerce Applications are targeted for all payment terminals, as well for the consumer side of the integrated point-of-sale (POS) solutions like Verifone Carbon. Terminal Commerce application UI is implemented with HTML and CSS, and application logic is done with JavaScript.

Terminal Commerce Apps are HTML/CSS/JS based but security requirements on payment terminals set some limitations compared to standard web applications:

• Only authentic and locally installed HTML documents can be used.
• Navigation to external pages is not allowed.
• There is a separation of static HTML/JS code and data.
• Dynamic data is filled in to the HTML page before rendering.
• The script terminates before the dialog is displayed at all. Therefore, it has no access to the HTML DOM and cannot update elements while a dialog is shown.
• Use of external JS library components is not allowed.


Android Commerce Applications

Android Commerce Applications are targeted for the merchant side of integrated point-of-sale (POS) solutions like Verifone Carbon. Android Commerce applications are implemented with Java—a typical example is a POS application using Verifone Payment API.

Android Commerce Applications can have a companion HTML application running on the consumer side enabling consumer-merchant interaction. These applications are called Dual Screen Android Commerce Applications.

One can also implement pure Android applications, using only the APIs provided by Google.

Regardless of the application type, all applications will be available for download from the Verifone Marketplace.
All applications can be implemented with the development tools Verifone offers, which consist of the Android Studio IDE with the Commerce Applications SDK plugin.


APIs available

API Details Example Apps
Terminal Commerce Triggers & APIs
Triggers and APIs spec 4.3.0. for CP1.9 release
Terminal Commerce App
E.g.: Charity or Customer Survey app on consumer side

Android APIs from Google (except GMS APIs)
from Google
Pure Android app not using Verifone Commerce or Payment API
E.g.: Accounting app

Android Payment APIs
Android Peripheral APIs

APIs used by a POS app for interacting with the Payment App at the payment terminal, as well to control peripherals like a scanner or a cash drawer Android Commerce App
E.g.: POS app

Android Commerce Triggers & APIs
• APIs from merchant side listening to triggers
• APIs from merchant side for screen control on both merchant and consumer side (messaging enabling dual screen apps)

Triggers and APIs from the Payment App on the consumer side received on the merchant side.
Messaging between Android Commerce app and corresponding Terminal Commerce app

Dual Screen Android Commerce App – Applications running on merchant as well on consumer side facilitating merchant-consumer interaction. e.g. App which adds money to SIM card (merchant starts app, and it asks consumer for a phone number)

Payment Applications

Verifone supports payment application developers via the DEVNET program. When you sign up for DEVNET you will get the needed training and tools.

As a first step you would need to enroll into a developer training program organized by DEVNET, available here.

More information about DEVNET is available here.  

Please note that the tools available on Developer Central do not support payment application development.